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I grew up playing baseball and when I was in College a friend turned me on to betting on sports. I didn’t really know what I was doing but being a math and statistics guy I realized that there were patterns and formulas that could be extrapolated to produce effective results with consistency. I’m a very competitive person and I realized that if you want to win you need to do the work.

Throughout my 30+ years of betting, I made extra money to spend on the ladies and to buy a few things including my first Corvette! What a sweet ride! Anyway, that’s when I started to realize there is serious money to be made if managed correctly.

I was approached several times to become a professional handicapper and decided that why should I share my secrets with others, it would be of no benefit to me so I turned it down. Now at the age of 52 and being disabled for over four years now I have a lot more time on my hands that I just did not know what to do with.

When I met Lance Williams and got to know his team I saw that it can be fun to help others and gives a great deal of satisfaction!

I specialize in MLB, NHL, NASCAR and NCAAB. Overall I am consistently above 61%!

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TheRhino™ Satisfaction Pledge I understand people are hesitant to spend any money with a sports service. There are so many handicappers out there and it’s hard to know who to trust. I post my picks every single day so you can see exactly how I do, however you might still be a little nervous. It’s understandable.

I’m sure you are asking yourself, what if the picks don’t win?

My personal pledge to you!

I guarantee that my sports picks will win – period. If my picks don’t result in a net profit for you (more units won than lost based on recommended unit plays) over the period of the subscription (each sport in a combo calculated separately for purpose of guarantee), I will give you an equivalent subscription for free. It’s that simple.
If my picks based on unit-play recommendations don’t win, you get another picks package free.
You might say, well why would I want to have another subscription if the first lost?) Great question. The answer is no one in sports betting wins all the time. However, I always come out on top. So I will make sure that you win! That’s it. No strings attached. I will honor this every time because as a sports service, my reputation and my word are all I have.

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