Early-Season Must Win Games | NFL Week 4

There are a few “Must Win” games through a season. A late matchup with two in division teams tied for the division is one, also the last game of the year with a wild card on the line, of course. But week #4 is also a critical “Must Win” week for the teams who sit at 1-2.

If they lose they are 1-3….. after 25% of the season they have only 1 win. And with 10 wins usually being needed for the post season, they must win 9 of their remaining 12 games. An impossible task really, and the players hang their head knowing they are just playing out the string.

But if they win, they are at .500 and the 10 win mark is reachable, needing only 8 of 12 remaining games. Nobody hangs their head at 2-2 it’s a new season baby, and they have as good a chance as any. But if they can get some more quick wins, that 1-2 start is forgotten.

The teams at 1-2 who have a good chance are;
Giants (vs redskins)
Chargers (at Dolphins)
Panthers (at Texans)

Also at 1-2 are
Browns (at Ravens)
Jaguars (at broncos)
Raiders (at Colts)
TB (at Rams)

The Falcons and Titans sit at 1-2 and play today in Atlanta.

IMO This angle will prevail for the Giants, Chargers, Raiders and the best bet would be the Falcons to go to 2-2 today. For more betting info check out Trendbettors Group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/trendbetting/

Lucky Lance Williams,
Master Sports Gambler

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