Former Knick Claims Carmelo Anthony Trade Rumors Took Toll on Team

New York Knicks v Brooklyn Nets

Kristen Pozmanter 07 APR 2017

Make this another theory for why the Knicks just can’t seem to get anything right this year.

Speaking to media after he and the Washington Wizards defeated the New York Knicks on Thursday night, ex-Knick Brandon Jennings offered an interesting yet not all-too-surprising perspective regarding his time in the Big Apple.

Spoiler alert: the Knicks are a mess.


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Brandon Jennings: Carmelo Anthony trade talks ‘took a toll’ on Knicks – ESPN (blog) #Knicks

7:47 AM – 7 Apr 2017

It completely makes sense. When your own president is instigating rumors that one of the biggest, if not the biggest star on the team, is on the trading block, it’s going to take some of the focus away from the game.

It’s definitely not the biggest factor into the Knicks’ incredible failure, but it’s an interesting one.

Jennings also shed some light on how all of this affected Melo.

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Brandon Jennings says there was “a lot of pressure” on Carmelo when dealing with trade rumors & “stuff with Phil.” –

11:35 AM – 7 Apr 2017

Only one can imagine. Melo is already the face of the franchise in the biggest market that cannot get to the playoffs, so any added pressure is surely excessive.

Never a dull moment in Knicks Country.