Hall Of Fame Game – AZ Cardinals

Alright Folks football is back we’re going to be talking football for the next 6 month’s who’s ready I KNOW WE ARE!!!!

August 3rd, 2017 will be a day to remember forever for football fans and the hall of fame inductees.

It’s only preseason, right? Yes, so people always say it doesn’t matter its preseason. Your correct but to the rookies trying to make the team they are fighting for a spot on the roster once September comes. To the veteran players like Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald it’s just about Reps and teaching the rookies. So it matters a lot for preseason but to fans not so much other than to see who’s going to be on the roster.

Arizona Cardinals vs Dallas Cowboys here’s a breakdown of each quarter and how the game ended.

  1. Cardinals Lead 15 – 7 over the Cowboys.
  2. Cowboys score a field goal to make the score 10 – 15.
  3. Cardinals add 3 points making it 18 while Cowboys added a touchdown making it 17 – 18.
  4. Cowboys added 3 points making it 20 – 18 and Ending the Game.

Again preseason basically matters for rookies and management to see who will make the cut and be cut.

The Next Cardinals game is Saturday, August 12th Against Oakland Raiders.