Latest Update on Ryan Shazier with the Steelers.

Ryan Shazier got ready for Monday night football looked like what could be his last game in his career.

For those who haven’t seen the video of the hit here it is I was talking to a sports group I’m part of here’s my comment

you might butt heads on the field but your friends, brothers off the field

These are things you never wish to anyone even if they are rivals or someone you might not like sports is a community where you come together for a few hours have a good time enjoy a game.

Here’s the latest update on Ryan Shazier 

Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier underwent “spinal stabilization surgery” Wednesday night in Pittsburgh, the team announced Thursday afternoon.

Spinal stabilization surgery can take a variety of forms, but typically involves “instrumentation” (titanium or stainless steel screws, plates, etc.) and/or bone graft to stabilize the spine to treat spinal cord problems, including those caused by trauma, as likely is Shazier’s case. The surgery usually is done in an effort to take pressure off (decompress) the spinal cord or nerve roots.
Here’s a statement from UPMC Neurosurgeons and Steelers Team Physicians.

At this time its unclear on Shazier role following the injury he is going to be tested on more things while be treated at UPMC his career is up in the air as of right now.
Stay Tuned for more updates on Ryan Shazier