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Fact: The College basketball bookmaker is ALWAYS forced to put out odds on every game each day, YOU are NOT forced to bet every game.

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March Madness is probably the most exciting championship in North American sports. Not only are there multiple wagering opportunities but there are many true underdog stories.

The kind that makes watching your bets win that much more enjoyable. Why wait til the end though, if you are looking for great edges they can be found all season long in college hoops.

How to Bet College Basketball

Similar to pro hoops the most common ways to bet college basketball are against the spread and the total. However, there are many differences to the college game that you need to be aware of if you are going to have success.

On the court, you will notice many differences:  shot clock (longer), three-point line (closer) and there and subtle rule differences.

Those are equal for both teams. Where there are greater discrepancies in the college game compared to the NBA are the number of teams, their familiarity with each other and huge gaps in talent and experience.

There is a lot more to know and track in betting college hardwood.

Some Tips for Betting College Basketball


There are more than 300 D1 basketball teams. Not all of them have their games lined with regularity but the key is to narrow your scope so you can learn enough to win.

That might mean focusing on a particular conference or even just a specific team.

There is nothing wrong with volume but it might not help you here.

Coaching Matters

The consistency of a program from year to year is all about coaching and in the college game there is a greater variety in style of play.

This is a critical factor on handicapping individual games. Coaching is a greater equalizer, or advantage, in the college game than in the pros.

There are Two Seasons

Teams get better and worse as the season goes on. However, in college hoops, there are two seasons – conference and non-conference. The latter comes first and it is a time for teams to learn about what they have and tinker.

Conference play usually starts after Jan 1 and it is intense. Teams know each other well, as do the coaches, and the results usually get tighter…even if the competition is not better.

You have to do your homework looking at these entities distinctly.

Ready to start betting on college basketball betting now? Make sure you have good money management. It’s important to study how sports betting units work.