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Fact: The NBA bookmaker is ALWAYS forced to put out odds on every game each day, YOU are NOT forced to bet every game.

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Statically speaking the NBA is one of the harder sports to bet on but if you know what to look for you can have success betting. If you keep these tips in mind when placing a bet, your chances of having success when betting on the NBA will go up.


Use the NBA Moneyline

In the NBA a lot of times the money line is your friend, especially if you are betting on “short” underdogs. If a team is only the underdog by one or two points, think about betting the money line.

The money line will have a little better payout, and a lot of time if that line is covered, the underdog is winning the game anyways.

Be Disciplined

Before you bet you should figure out what percentage of your bankroll you will be betting per bet.

Always stick to that number.

Even if you go on a bad losing streak, don’t start betting more trying to make up your money faster, that is how you will lose money in a quick period.

Watch NBA Teams’ Games Played

Watch for teams on the second night of a back to back.

If they have played a tough game or an overtime game the night before you might be able to use that in your favor and get a good line on the opposing team.

Bet On The NBA When There Is Lots Of Games

For the NBA each sportsbook puts out lines every day for every game.

On days with a full slate of NBA games there is bound to be some games that have weak lines on them, so really look for those and try to use them to your advantage when NBA Gambling.

NBA Betting Trends

We’re big fans of NBA Betting Trends here at Trends are you, friend. When you need to know what kind of a run a team is on especially when betting on the NBA check out teams trends.

They’ll tell you a teams home & away records, ATS (Against the spread record), SU (Straight up records), OU trends (Over/Under), and generally the two teams playing that night’s head to head betting trends. (Over/Under)