Advice For Dealing With A Losing Streak – Handicapping & Betting Tips


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Fact: No matter how experienced someone is as a bettor, there are always going to be losing streaks to deal with.

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Everyone has had it happen. You make a bet and your bet looks good until they make a garbage time bucket to make it so you don’t cover the spread, and next thing you know you make a few more bets and those lose too.

You might go a few days without making a bet that wins, but that’s okay! Losing streaks are part of betting and they happen even to the “pros.”


Stay Disciplined

Always stay disciplined, even through a losing streak.

Example: Let’s say you bet 3% of your bankroll for all your bets. Just because you hit a losing streak doesn’t mean it’s time to start increasing that percentage.

When you start to increase that percentage, yes it might work out once in a while and you will get your money back in one bet, but the percentages aren’t with you when you do that.

If you stay disciplined the streak will turn around, you can’t lose forever.

Be Disciplined

Before you bet you should figure out what percentage of your bankroll you will be betting per bet.

Always stick to that number.

Even if you go on a bad losing streak, don’t start betting more trying to make up your money faster, that is how you will lose money in a quick period.

Take a Break

It’s okay if you are going through a losing streak to take a break.

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No one says you have to bet every day, every week, or even every month. It’s sometimes good to clear your mind and come back when you feel refreshed and ready to make smart bets again.

Keep Working Hard

Even in a losing streak treat it the same way as a winning streak.

Keep putting as much time in on your research during a losing streak, as you do a winning streak. If you cut corners in your betting you will see your losing streak continue to multiply.

Finally, remember this, and repeat it often. Bad losing streaks when sports gambling ARE NOT because you’re a bad sports handicapper or have no handicapping skills, or even just simply bad luck, it’s just MATH.

The losses happen to everyone. Get used to it and bet smart, don’t let the losses affect your bankroll OR your confidence.