How And When To Bet On Moneyline Odds – Handicapping & Betting Tips



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In betting there is all kinds of terminology a person should know before someone places their first bet. One of the most important words to know is money line.

The money line is a bet that is determined only by the winner of the game, and no lines are involved.

Say for example the Lions and the Packers are playing. If you bet on the money line odds on the Lions, they would have to win for your bet to result in a win.

Quick Fact: Did you know the odds assigned to each team in a money line bet create a balanced market for both sides of the bet?

Odds: First off there is no assigned point spread when betting on money lines, so it’s VERY easy to figure out the favorite team when looking at the odds.

The favorite has the negative (-) symbol and the underdog has the odds with the positive (+) symbol.

Why Bet On The Moneyline Odds?

The money line eliminates a better having to worry about the spread. A lot of times a late three-pointer, or a garbage time touchdown can allow a team to cover the spread, and make you lose your bet.

When you bet on the money line you don’t have to worry about if the team you bet on will cover the spread, all you have to worry about is if your team wins the game.

If you are really confident a team that is the underdog in a game is going to win, and not just cover the spread, that is a great time to use the money line.

When a team is an underdog the money line payout is usually +120 or higher. So let’s say you bet on that Lions team to beat the Packers and their money line is at +320.

If they win the game and you bet 100 dollars, you would win 320 dollars.

The Disadvantages Of Moneyline Betting

One of the big disadvantages of money line betting is if you bet on a team that is highly favored the money line payout won’t be great.

So let’s say in the example above the Packers are big favorites and their money line is -300. You would have to bet 300 dollars to win 100 dollars back.

That’s risking a lot of money for not very good payouts.

So when betting on money line odds it’s all about risk and reward. Is it worth it to risk a large sum of money when the payouts aren’t that good?

A lot of the time it is safer to bet on a team that isn’t a large favorite.