MLB Runline Betting

MLB Runline Betting


MLB Runline Wagers

Ever wondered – How do you place a bet on MLB run lines in an online sportsbook?

Run Line Wagering is simply wagering on the contest based on a point spread and a money line combined. The team wagered on must win by the point spread


The posted line on a baseball game is the New York Yankees -1 1/2 +130 at the Atlanta Braves +1 1/2 -150.

A player could choose one of two Run Line Wagers on this matchup: Yankees -1 1/2 +130 – If the Yankees win by 2 runs or more, then the player who bet $100.00 wins $130.00. Braves +1 1/2 -150 – If the Braves win the game, or lose by only one run, then the player laid $150.00 to win $100.00.

  • Run Lines will be offered on all MLB games.
  • Run Lines wagers are “Listed”, and will be deemed “No Action” in the event of a pitching change.
  • Run Line Wagers may be parlayed to other contests, but a Run Line Wager may not be parlayed to any other wager from the same game.