NHL Puck Line & Hockey Betting Explained

Betting Advice Guide From TrendBetting – How To Bet On Hockey Online

Confused about betting on hockey? It’s easy! It’s just like betting on other sports except with a few exceptions. At most sportsbooks, Hockey betting will offer two different types of wagers: the puck line and totals. The puck line works exactly as a point spread wager. If the favored team is listed at -11/2 then they would have to win the game by 2 or more goals for the bet to pay.

Vice versa, if the underdog’s line is + 11/2 then they would have to lose by less than 2 goals for the wager to pay. The odds for the puck line are the standard 11/10 wager unless a money line accompanies the puck line. Totals are also offered within the hockey wagers. All total bets are at 11/10 odds unless otherwise accompanied by a money line.

Parlay bets are combination bets, which are offered within all the hockey betting venues. The more games combined into one single wager, the higher the odds and the bigger the payout.

Parlays are paid out according to the money line of the teams wagered on.

Quick Guide:

The Puck Line: The Puck Line is the spread and it is always 1.5 points. That means a team must win by at least 1.5 points (or two goals) to beat the spread. Keep your eyes on offensively potent teams like the Pittsburgh Penguins, New York Rangers and San Jose Sharks as favorites to continually break the puck-line.

The Money Line: No different than it is in any other sport. Play the money line to win straight up and cash in – no pesky Puck Lines here.

Over/Under: You can easily bet on teams to break the over/under in NHL betting. Simply select over/under the team’s combined goals scored and you win. You can also select the Team Total Points which is simply the number of goals scored by an individual team in a game.