Sports Betting Units

Sports Betting Units


Ever wondered – What a sports betting unit is, and how do handicappers use them for betting in an online sportsbook?

What’s a Unit? If I had a dollar for everytime a buddy has asked me what a sports betting – handicappers unit is I’d be hanging out with Donald Trump and his flavor of the week.

Most people think a unit is $100, and quite honestly most handicappers use the 1 Unit = $100 philosophy, but a unit can also be $10, or $50, whatever the capper says his UNIT is. If you go to a sports betting forums website like over at our NFL handicapping forum guys like to post their record in plays and their picks for the week, month or year. They do this by posting their Units gained or their units lost.

Cappers will say whether they are up +/- points. Example: +8.0 units this season. If they’re a $100 better they’re up $800. If they post that they’re 4-2, you’ve got to subtract their lost units to arrive at how much they’re up for the season.

Big gamblers, you know the wiseguys or whales as we call them can be Bigger Unit players.

Example: 1 Unit could equal $1000 or even more…

Or for you small fish out there that don’t like to pony up

Example. 1 Unit could equal $10.

Remember the house Vig or commission when factoring in Units for sports betting. In essence, your risking $1100 to win $1000 if you’re the whale or wise guy, or $11 to win $10 if you’re the small fish.


How do Handicappers grade their Unit Plays?

With most handicappers, A 5-unit game is a top game of the week or strong play, and these games are usually a strong percentage winner. Most handicapping outlets now pretty much use the same kind of system for their sports betting units, plus rating systems on plays of the month, week or year are pretty much uniform across the industry. This unit system is the key to your success – but you must stay disciplined. Discipline is critical in sports betting because wins and losses often occur in streaks.

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