Reliable tells in low no limit games


Here are some tidbits about the usually easier to read low no limit players, some of these don’t transfer well to limit games none of them are 100% but when you see them think about it.
#1 who’s it up to? Is it on me?
Whenever a player is trying to make sure the action is correct or is confused and then raises, he got a monster the hand distracted him from the action.
#2 weak lead or donk bet into raiser by a obvious recreational player usually top pair, or draw act accordingly a good size raise suceeds a lot in this spot. I donk bet sets into raisers so be careful if player is experienced.
#3 a raiser cbets flop checks turn, in position a bet usually gets pot
#4 player sits down dealer asks for players card person says he doesn’t have one. Good chance he is inexperienced or recreational player, what local or grinder doesn’t have a players card?
#5 person calls a preflop raise then double checks his hole cards preflop. He doesn’t have a pair in the hole and most likely not suited, these 2 things are easily remembered on 1st look
#6 On the river heads up if opponents bet big n you are not sure if you want to call ask him do you want me to call? If he gets nasty in his reply or if he answers quickly n smoothly without hesitation he is strong. Why would you try piss someone off if you are weak? If someone asks you a question during hand stay silent your answer is more likely to give info than mislead against people who understand verbal tells
#7 People who tank then go all in =strength they are hollywooding
#8 opponents eyes go immediately to chips when he sees flop = strength
#9 when you are trying to decide to call casually sigh and start counting out the call, if opponent leans back in his chair,or his lips get compressed, or he pretends to start to flip cards over usually weak.
#10 when original raiser makes a exaggerated move to look at your chips then checks or bets small usually weak. No need most of the time to know exactly how much your opponents have when you are strong.
Give you guys some more down the road
Also guys when observing opponents don’t make it obvious I hav my head down in my hand but you best believe I am looking at the players along with the cocktail waitress 3 tables away