Why the Lions Lost, Other Than the Refs

The Packers came back from a 13-0 deficit to beat the Lions on MNF in Week 6.

1) 12 men on the field penalty
2) FGs, need to score more TDs
3) Inability to get a Defensive stop
4) Stupid infractions late by the Lions

1) The Lions mental/coaching error of 12 men on the field was a 4 point swing. There’s your win right there. And the Refs did miss a call against the lions where GB had 13 players on the field but the Lions coaching missed it too.

2) Kicking all those field goals is fine, but losing by 4 is no better than losing by 1. Make a PLAY and score one TD instead of 2 field goals and the packers are kicking for OVERTIME!

Also the final field goal, which squandered an Interception, was a terrible 3 and out Lions possession, and took only 52 seconds off the game clock. Get even one first down there and then kick the FG, would not leave the packers enough time for their comeback.

3) Lastly but most importantly is getting a stop…Greenbay did, Detroit didn’t.
The Lions final passions was:
Incomplete pass
Completed pass
Incomplete pass
Incomplete pass

Stafford was basically perfect in the first half but in ‘the clutch‘ he was 1/4 passing. Aaron Rodgers however, got the ball with 6:46 left in the 4rth Q and never gave it back. The Lions couldn’t get a stop, or even hold them to a long field goal and reserve some time for Stafford to get his kicker in range too.

That’s the primary cause of the 2nd half meltdown!

4) The Refs were terrible as expected, but they missed a lot of Detroit penalties too. And the Lions did themselves no favors by fouling in the critical moment…you can’t tell me Bahktiari’s head wasn’t clearly pushed upward. Refs have to make a judgement call and it lead directly to the Lions losing, but there were many opportunities for the Lions to dominate and they didn’t.

Blame the refs sir, but first blame Coach Patricia, the other coaches who didn’t get it done, and the defense.

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