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2017 World Series – Odds to Win
Wed, Nov 1, 17
Chicago Cubs+450
Boston Red Sox+550
Cleveland Indians+550
Los Angeles Dodgers+900
Washington Nationals+1100
San Francisco Giants+1400
Houston Astros+1400
New York Mets+1400
Toronto Blue Jays+2000
St. Louis Cardinals+2500
New York Yankees+2500
Detroit Tigers+3300
Texas Rangers+3300
Seattle Mariners+3300
Baltimore Orioles+4000
Kansas City Royals+4000
Colorado Rockies+4000
Los Angeles Angels+4000
Pittsburgh Pirates+5000
Miami Marlins+7500
Atlanta Braves+7500
Arizona Diamondbacks+7500
Tampa Bay Rays+10000
Chicago White Sox+15000
Minnesota Twins+10000
Oakland Athletics+15000
Philadelphia Phillies+15000
San Diego Padres+20000
Milwaukee Brewers+20000
Cincinnati Reds+20000
2017 AL Pennant – Odds to Win
Boston Red Sox+250
Cleveland Indians+275
Houston Astros+600
Toronto Blue Jays+1000
New York Yankees+1200
Texas Rangers+1600
Detroit Tigers+1600
Seattle Mariners+1600
Kansas City Royals+2000
Baltimore Orioles+2000
Los Angeles Angels+2200
Tampa Bay Rays+5000
Chicago White Sox+5000
Minnesota Twins+5000
Oakland Athletics+6600
2017 NL Pennant – Odds to Win
Chicago Cubs+175
Los Angeles Dodgers+450
Washington Nationals+500
San Francisco Giants+750
New York Mets+750
St. Louis Cardinals+1100
Pittsburgh Pirates+2000
Colorado Rockies+2000
Miami Marlins+3300
Atlanta Braves+4000
Arizona Diamondbacks+5000
Philadelphia Phillies+6600
San Diego Padres+6600
Cincinnati Reds+7500
Milwaukee Brewers+7500
Who will be the first Manager fired?
Mon, Apr 9, 18
All wagers have action. Listed Competitors only.
Clint Hurdle (Pittsburgh)+350
Bryan Price (Cincinnati)+400
Mike Scioscia (LAA)+500
Paul Molitor (Minnesota)+600
Brad Ausmus (Detroit)+650
Andy Green (San Diego)+750
Joe Girardi (NYY)+1000
Terry Collins (NYM)+1000
Dusty Baker (Washington)+1200
John Farrell (Boston)+1600